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Our Law Practice is Limited to 

Real Folks and Their Very Human Problems.

We don’t wrestle with a lot of lofty legal philosophies. We just help manage the ordeals of life that impact the very existence of people and their loved ones. We aid families in handling their personal realities. We strive to make a difference.


Before law school, Sam King, Jr. received an economics degree from Yale. He is a strong financial advocate for clients. 

Expertise in the principles and ideals of the law can be seen in Sam’s prominent ancestors dating to the time of Lot Kamehameha.  

Sam’s practice today, however, is grounded in the down-to-earth knowledge of reality.  The contentment found in fairness, the peace of mind that accompanies compensation, the stark truths of criminal and civil litigation, the consequences of injury, the costs of poor choices, the pains of divorce.  

He is a thoughtful professional instilled with the confidence of experience.

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Adrienne King’s legal career, spanning more than 40 years, is a model of professional skill.  She is also practical, sensible, appropriate, and always truthful. 

Sam and his wife Adrienne had been practicing law independently for a dozen years before joining their professional lives at King & King in 1985. 

As a prosecutor, Adrienne tried a large number of felony jury trials,, hundreds of misdemeanor cases, plus wrote and argued numerous cases before the Hawai‘i Supreme Court. She was the first woman in Hawai‘i to successfully prosecute a murder case.

Later, in the Office of the Corporation Counsel, City & County of Honolulu, Adrienne had 26 civil jury trials defending the city and its police officers.  And, in private practice, she has handled numerous cases as a criminal defense attorney.

The Kings have two sons, one of whom is an attorney, as is one of Sam’s two sisters.

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Meet the Down-to-Earth Manager Who Makes Everything Work

Colleen Nicholas manages our calendars, our office and our lives.  She is the first person you talk to when you call our number and the last person you see when you leave our lobby.  She is an administrative assistant, receptionist, filing clerk and amazing human database.  Importantly, she functions from a platform of understanding law firms, attorneys, courts and clients.  

We respect the skills, experience, knowledge and integrity she has built over nearly 30 years.  


Since You Are Reading “About Us,” 

You May Have an Immediate Need   

The outcome of any legal proceeding can be severely harmed unless you consult with an attorney without delay.  There’s a wise adage that says, “If you think you need a lawyer, you do.” 

To that we would add, “Ask trustworthy people for references, check peer endorsements, then seek specific consultations.”

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