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You Need a Civil Trial Attorney

Who Can Negotiate

He or she should be easy to talk to, self-assured, levelheaded, and assertive. 

 Plus, this attorney ought to be fully prepared to pursue your case in a State or Federal Court trial or in negotiations.  Sometimes a settlement between parties is the exact answer to a grievance. And sometimes the only way to find an acceptable outcome is to let a judge or jury decide.  Not every negotiator is a solid civil trial lawyer. You need someone who is both.

Lots of Hawaii attorneys practice in the State Courts.  Far fewer have Federal experience.

We do both. Where does your case belong? You should call.

Your Case Might Be Solved Through Mediation or Arbitration

 Sometimes alternative dispute resolution trumps filing a civil law suit.  Sam King, Jr. has routinely served as a lawyer for clients in mediation or arbitration.  Additionally, he has been appointed to the positions of Mediator and Arbitrator.  His experience is extensive. In a free consultation he can help you decide.


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