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When Seeking an Attorney, Look for

Confidence, Realism and Assertiveness.

The choice of who will represent you in any legal matter is difficult.

A lot is usually at stake, and you may have no attorney-selection experience. Here’s what other clients have said. First, get a good sense that the lawyer or firm you are considering is responsive. This probably goes beyond being easy to reach. You want to ask, “Will they act appropriately and sensitively? Will they be reasonable and sensible, or will they be pushy and self-possessed?  Did they understand my situation and show any concern?” 


Get a feeling for an attorney’s track record on Avvo. 

The difference between winning and losing can be very subjective, very personal. But ask. Then get an idea of the lawyer’s standing in the legal community. Peer respect has a lot to do with performance over extended periods of time.

Finally, look for levelheaded confidence with a bit of boldness

They are traits of success.

Aggressive, Combative, Snarky Attitudes Can Backfire 

This is Hawaii. We take a positive, assertive role in advocating for our clients, characterized by strong, fearless, self-assured representation in keeping with the culture.


Someday, Someone Likely Will Ask, “Who Should I Call?”

Maybe tomorrow somebody close will need legal help and ask for a recommendation. Even without experience, you should have a clear idea of whom you would trust.


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