Personal Injury



Negotiating is What Wins Most P.I. Cases.

Expertise in P.I. law is vital. Debating skills help big-time. 

Beyond knowing the issues of liability, the statutes of limitation, and what is essential in assessing and investigating a claim, the attorney needs to be an expert  negotiator. Some 95% of cases are settled without trial. 

Your lawyer must be ready to go to trial if talks fail.  

Some attorneys are good at one-on-one bargaining.  Others are strong on their feet in the courtroom.  You may want to look at someone who is both a mediator and a trial lawyer.

Sam began private practice in

1981; Adrienne in 1985.  

Sam, Jr. has  served as an arbitrator and mediator in countless cases both public and private. He has taken over 100 civil and criminal cases before juries.  Before King & King, Adrienne was a Prosecutor and later handled litigation for the city. 

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