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Our Clients: Real Folks With Very Real Problems.

We don’t wrestle with a lot of lofty legal philosophies. We just help manage the ordeals of life that impact the very existence of people and their loved ones. We aid families in handling their personal realities. We strive to make a difference.

Our Partners: Real Folks With Skills and Savvy.

Before law school, Sam earned an economics degree from Yale.

As a result, he is a particularly strong financial advocate for his clients. Sam is a thoughtful professional instilled with the confidence of experience and the down-to-earth knowledge of reality. Looking back, if anyone could claim to be “borne to The Law,” it would be Sam, who has lawyers and judges in his lineage for generations, starting with a Supreme Court Justice in the Kingdom of Hawaii (see Contact Us). 

Adrienne has been a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. 

As a prosecutor, Adrienne tried a large number of felony jury trials; she was the first woman in Hawaii to successfully prosecute a murder case. The best training ground for defense lawyers is extensive time arguing cases as a prosecutor. Adrienne practices criminal defense law today and brings decades of persuasive power to family law, where one objective is frequently to find agreement without appearing before a judge.


We Provide Confident, Firm, Realistic Help.

Check our track record with friends, Yelp, and Avvo

Friends and family members are most likely to have your best interests at heart. And Yelp may give you a community view.  But Avvo provides a clear idea of a lawyer’s standing in the legal community.  Peer regard is a good indicator of performance. 

Responsiveness is the critical trait to seek in any lawyer.

Responsiveness goes beyond being easy to reach. Ask yourself, “Will the candidate act appropriately and caringly? Will he or she be reasonable and sensible, or pushy and self-possessed?  Did the  applicant grasp my situation and show any concern?” 

Finally, look for calm, sound, faith with a bit of boldness.  

They are traits of success.  And, they describe quite exactly what you can expect from Sam and Adrienne King at King & King.


Hostile, Combative Views Can Backfire.

This is Hawaii. We take a positive, assertive role in advocating for our clients, characterized by strong, fearless, self-assured representation in keeping with the culture.

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